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Southern and Eastern Africa Trade Information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI)
SEATINI-WORUDET Ogili, Pilwak, Ogwal Wor Neighbourhood Assembly Tax Justice Training_5th-10-16 Lamwo District

The Southern and Eastern Africa Trade Information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI) is a regional non-governmental organization founded in 1996 soon after the WTO Singapore Ministerial Conference, after realizing that Africa in particular and Third World countries in general were marginalized in the WTO negotiations and other global processes. Government’s capacity to negotiate was limited and the participation of other stakeholders’ i.e. private sector, CSOs, MPs was very minimal. The civil society’s understanding of the complexities of the international regime was also limited. Civil society was also largely excluded from the trade negotiations and decision-making both at home and in international fora. The private sector was not adequately informed about the challenges of globalization and the effect on them of the multilateral trading regime and thus their limited participation. The role of the Parliamentarians was on the periphery.

SEATINI-Uganda is part of SEATINI a sub-regional NGO, working in Eastern and Southern Africa with its headquarters in Harare (Zimbabwe) and an office in Nairobi Kenya. SEATINI-Uganda is the regional coordinating office for East Africa. Although the offices operate independently, they subscribe to the overall SEATINI vision, mission, values and broad objectives.


A strong and confident Africa in world Trade.


To strengthen stakeholders’ capacity to influence trade, tax, and related policies and processes through information generation and dissemination, capacity building and advocacy, alliance building and networking.


SEATINI thrives as an independent, people-centred, non-profit making organisation driven by the values of openness, transparency and accountability, integrity and non-violence, working with diligence towards greater justice and equity.